Bus Advertising – Moving Billboards for your Business

Bus Advertising Massachusetts

Bus advertising provides outstanding street-level impressions to a metropolitan and suburban audience. Buses go where people go and they can always find a crowd.  Whether it’s an entire bus wrap, an exterior side or an interior display, your bus ad will grab attention with a truly moving message.  Advertising placed on the exterior of a bus is like a circulating billboard. Your ads will be viewed repeatedly by commuters traveling the same route daily or multiple times weekly.

Interior Bus Advertising reaches a “captured” audience.  Interior ads are viewed over a prolonged period of time as commuters travel to their daily destinations.  Ads can potentially be viewed for over an hour at a time depending on the length of a traveler’s ride.  Interior bus cards are positioned in frames above passenger seats.  Longer viewing time allows for more copy than standard posters and regular riders mean high frequency.

By utilizing bus advertising your ad will be seen by thousands of pedestrians and drivers as the buses move continually around the market displaying your message to the masses. Buses provide targeted routes as they slowly cruise city and suburban streets.  The ads are produced on digitally or screen-printed transit vinyl and are available in four-week periods to long-term programs.

Exterior Bus advertising formats include Queen & King-size Exterior Posters, Rear Tail-light Posters, Full Bus Wraps, Half-Backs, Full-Backs and Headliners.  Interior options include one or more sizes of Interior Cards.Bus Advertising creates top-of-mind awareness and will help drive new customers to your business. 

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