Mall & Lifestyle Center Advertising in the Boston/Greater Boston Area

Shopping Mall Advertising

When it comes to shopping in Massachusetts, many advertisers enjoy the prime visibility that various types of mall advertising provides.  Premier mall and lifestyle center locations such as Copley Place, The Prudential Mall, The Natick Collection, South Shore Plaza, The North Shore Mall, Legacy Place, The Shops at Chestnut Hill, Derby Street Shops, Patriot Place and Wrentham Premium Outlets offer an amazing variety of effective advertising options to reach their visitors.  Mall advertising reaches consumers at, or just before the point of purchase and mall ads have the ability to target consumers who are in the “buying mode.” 

Shopping Mall Advertising

Mall Advertising reaches consumers in a positive frame of mind

One of the premier benefits of mall and lifestyle center advertising is the ability to reach an audience already in a spending mode. As mall shoppers are often visiting for three hours or longer, there is ample time for consumers to be exposed to your mall ad campaign.

Shopping Mall Advertising options are diverse and cutting-edge

The most popular form of mall advertising is Backlit Kiosks which are located in the highest pedestrian traffic areas of the mall.  It’s the next best thing to point-of-purchase advertising. Beyond kiosks, many malls offer digital screen networks, hanging banners, escalator wraps, door clings, food court media and other options. An advertiser’s imagination is the only limitation for mall advertising as it allows you to promote your brand, product or service to thousands of savvy consumers.

Food Court Banner Ads

Digital Screen Networks run your ad throughout the Mall for maximum effect

Digital ads in Shopping Malls and Lifestyle Centers have a higher recall rate than social media ads and many other traditional forms of advertising.  

Despite the expectations that the first “digitally aware” generation would only want to shop online, a study by The Retail Foundation found that nearly all Mall advertising is highly effective and nearly all members of GenZ and GenY population prefer shopping at brick-and-mortar stores over online shopping. 

Digital Advertising Mall Media options include:

Large Format Digital Tower Screens – truly grab attention in a whole new way with state-of-the-art high-resolution digital tower boards. 

  • Full-Motion Video
  • Day Parting
  • Real-Time Content Integration
  • Content Sponsorship
  • Single or Double-Sided
  • :15 second spots & targeted content sponsorship packages available

Digital Ad Panels:

Digital Ad Panels posted in high traffic courts and corridors using leading-edge technology-enabled HD digital displays.

  • 65˝/1200 Nit Double-Sided Displays
  • Interactive Touch (On Select Units)
  • Camera-Based Gender/Age Recognition

What Is The Cost Of Advertising In Shopping Malls?

Since mall advertising can take on so many different formats, from static images, to backlit dioramas, to digital screens, costs can vary depending on the malls selected and media type & availability. You can expect pricing to be in line with other outdoor advertising and Digital place-based ads.  Generally, mall advertising campaigns have a minimum monthly budget of $5,000.  Factor in seasonality when you plan your campaign. Malls are busier during the holiday seasons so prices will be slightly higher during that time.

Shopping Mall Advertising Best Practices

To fully take advantage of shopping mall advertising you should visit local malls to get some advertising ideas. Look at current signage and see how existing brands are leveraging mall ads with their digital advertising campaigns.

Consider where your ad will be placed. An ad at the end of the food court may not get as many eyes as an ad at the entrance of the mall. You can take advantage of interesting creative and consider how placement will impact your audience. A table top ad in the food court sends a much different message than a backlit display at the entrance. If you have a physical location in the mall, your ad can inform shoppers where it is located.

You can also target younger children as they are often shopping with their parents. If you have a toy store or other product geared towards children, take advantage of the mall’s clientele.

Mall Visits Surge 

Consumers are back in malls in search of shopping, dining, and entertainment while engaging with friends and family in post-pandemic normalcy.  It’s a great time to connect with a large and diverse population of shoppers in a positive frame of mind with a mall advertising campaign.  

Are you looking to make a bold impact with using Mall of Lifestyle Center advertising?  Contact Sage Outdoor Ads today to explore a wide range of innovative and effective shopping mall advertising opportunities. Whether you’re targeting tech-savvy Millennials, the emerging GenZ market, or the broader audience, we have the expertise and prime locations to bring your brand to life. Don’t miss out on the chance to captivate and engage your audience with cutting-edge Shopping Mall or Lifestyle Center ads. Reach out to us with any questions or inquiries – we’re here to help you create a memorable and impactful advertising campaign!