Pedicab Advertising for your Business (Bike Taxis)

Pedicab Advertising is the perfect vehicle to deliver your company’s or brand’s message to the masses.

Pedicab Advertising is the perfect vehicle to deliver your company’s or brand’s message to the masses.

Pedicabs (Ped-e-cabs) – Pedal-Powered Rickshaws or Bike Taxi’s are an innovative and environmentally-friendly mode of transportation. Pedicabs provide street-level taxi service for 2 or 3 passengers in major cities and tourism hubs throughout the US.

Pedicab Advertising is the perfect vehicle to deliver your company’s or brand’s message. Your outdoor ad no longer waits for crowds to come to it; your message goes to the crowds. Essentially a bike taxi service to, from and around an event or destination night after night, your name will be remembered by a large, diverse metropolitan or tourist audience.

Pedicab advertising is a rolling billboard, a kinetic sculpture carrying your brand or logo. Besides being unique and eco-friendly, Pedicabs are mobile and extremely eye-catching to people driving or walking around town.

The Pedicab drivers can also be ambassadors for your brand or company. Opportunities are available for distribution of coupons, promotional items and flyers. Branded clothing can also be worn by the drivers to reinforce top of mind awareness for your ad campaign.

We can individually tailor your marketing campaign through a wide variety of advertising options that will suit your budget and vision.  Pedicab Advertising options include some or “all” of the following:

Types of Pedicab Advertising

Pedicab Full Wraps:

The little black dress of Pedicabs, this custom-fit, weatherproof wrap turns heads in places where traditional outdoor goes unnoticed.

Panel Ads:

Panel ads give you a wider canvas to advertise on. These sectionalized covers fit across the backside of the cab giving you lots of room to display colorful images that get noticed. These magnet or adhesive ads can be easily changed daily, weekly or monthly.

Wheel Ads:

Pedicab Wheel Ads are very popular because they are so unusual and really get noticed. You can display your message, company logo or ad on a 21″ diameter wheel covering. These catchy ads are a fun way to give your products and services the attention they deserve.

Field Marketing:

The young and enthusiastic team of drivers can distribute flyers, coupons, brochures or other marketing materials to your prospects in and around the city or convention center to make certain everyone knows about your company or brand.

Sponsored Free Rides:

Tourists and locals alike enjoy sponsored free rides. Your message will be displayed in vibrant colors on Pedicabs available to attendees of conventions, to the general public, or to any clientele that you wish. Pedicab hours can be customized to fit your needs.

Customizing Your Pedicab Advertising Campaign:

Pedicab operators are constantly innovating within the realm of Pedicab media. We’re happy to work with you to create a campaign that will make a maximum impact with the Pedicabs. We work with Pedicab companies all over the country. Pick your markets and we’ll manage your campaign from the bike route.

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