Rail and Subway Station Digital Liveboards in Boston and Cambridge, Massachusetts

Digital Liveboards in Boston

A dynamic and cutting-edge advertising medium

Digital Liveboards in Metro Boston and Cambridge offer advertisers endless creative opportunities to engage audiences.  The high-resolution 65” vertical digital screens are strategically positioned in the highest traffic MBTA stations including South Station, North Station, Back Bay, Harvard Square, Kendall, Government Center, Park Street, Kenmore and more. Static or full-motion, full-animation digital ad content is available with MBTA Station Digital Liveboards.

The Digital screens are strategically placed

Digital Liveboards are located in the highest pedestrian traffic areas of the MBTA rail and subway stations.  They offer 5, 10 or 15-second high-resolution digital ad spots.  Liveboards offer unlimited creative flexibility including standard single ad placements, running up to four separate ads, day-parting (different ads for different times of the day), countdowns, and live content updates such as weather alerts and game scores.

Liveboards just work (18 hours per day) 

The daily commute represents an opportunity for brands to develop a relationship with consumers, and digital transit media is a key part of that relationship.  The Digital Liveboards take advantage of transit riders’ lengthy dwell time and commuting patterns.  Digital transit media options include Liveboards on platforms and concourse areas either as single units or triptychs (three side-by-side Liveboard screens).  Digital Liveboards reach commuters on the go and they deliver long viewing time with expanded reach and frequency.

Take advantage of a “captive” audience with MBTA Rail Station Liveboards

Your ad campaign is reaching a truly “captured” audience as riders wait for the rail or subway cars to arrive.  It’s not unusual for riders to view your ad multiple times as they “patiently” wait on the rail station platforms.  

Digital Liveboards in Boston

Prime locations to reach Boston and Cambridge residents, commuters and out of town visitors:

Back Bay, Copley, Financial District, Harvard Square, Kendall Square, Kenmore/Fenway, Downtown Crossing, The Seaport and Government Center are just a few of the high-profile locations available.

Appeal to GenZ and Millennials

With the spending power of the GenZ demographic on the rise and Millennials representing the largest group of consumers, understanding their preferred ad consumption is crucial. A recent Prosper Insights & Analytics survey showed that only 10.8% of Gen-Zers read mediums like newspapers and magazines, making Out-of-Home content essential. A Kantar Millward Brown study found that Gen-Z and Millennials overwhelmingly rejected mobile/web/app advertisements, preferring Out of Home advertising like billboards or transit ads.

According to a recent Nielsen Study:

  • 68% of MBTA riders (nearly 7 in 10) noticed digital screens in T station concourses or corridors
  • 48% of MBTA riders immediately visited a retail location after seeing its’ Digital Liveboard ad
  • Of 82% of those who visited a retail location, 4 in 5 made a purchase.

Are you looking to make a bold impact with your advertising in Boston’s dynamic Seaport District? Contact Sage Outdoor Advertising today to explore a wide range of innovative and effective outdoor advertising opportunities. Whether you’re targeting tech-savvy Millennials, the emerging GenZ market, or the broader Boston audience, we have the expertise and prime locations to bring your brand to life. Don’t miss out on the chance to captivate and engage your audience with cutting-edge Digital Liveboard advertising. Reach out to us with any questions or inquiries – we’re here to help you create a memorable and impactful advertising campaign!