Reaching the Masses with Bus Shelter Ads in Boston

Bus Shelter Ads Boston

Transit Shelter Advertising offers a phenomenal amount of exposure for your brand, your company or event in Boston & Greater Boston.  The bustling city sidewalks and steady vehicular flow provide non-stop Impressions to a progressive, diverse and affluent population visiting or working in Boston & Greater Boston.  

Location, location, location

67” x 48” Static or Digital Shelter Ads are available near iconic Metro-Boston and Cambridge locations such as Faneuil Hall, TD Garden, Fenway Park, Copley Square, Downtown Crossing, Beacon Hill, Harvard Square and Kendall to name a few.  Like other forms of out of home advertising, transit shelter ads reach thousands of consumers daily.  Depending on your target demographic, you can place your ads along routes catering to different subsets of the population.

Bus Shelter Ads Boston

Transit Shelter Ads offer a compelling narrative

Traditional static Shelter Ads are incredibly impactful due to repeat Impressions and they’re available throughout the city of Boston and in Cambridge.  Bus shelter panels are mounted (usually 2-4 per shelter) in glass, backlit frames. They provide 24 hour visibility to vehicular and pedestrian traffic

Transit Shelter Advertising reaches a wide and diverse Metro-Boston audience

With transit shelters, you’re not simply targeting bus riders. You’re reaching all the people who walk down the sidewalk, and those who drive down busy city streets. Advertisers benefit from the huge number of bus shelter ads available in a condensed market area.  

Choosing your target market with Transit Shelter Ads

If your goal is to reach more affluent shoppers, placing your Shelter ads near an upscale shopping mall or an downtown office tower may make sense.  If your brand is geared towards sports lovers, you might place your ad along popular routes to sports stadiums and arenas.  We can help you identify the Shelter locations that will help reach your ad campaign goals.

Bus Shelter Ads Boston

Transit Shelter Advertising is reasonably priced

When it comes to increasing brand name recognition and brand awareness, transit shelter ads offer high value for a relatively low CPM (cost per thousand impressions).  4-week rental rates typically range from $650 – $1,500 per location depending on the quantity of media chosen and the length of the ad campaign.

The most effective Bus Shelter campaigns are paired with billboard ads

When paired with static or digital billboards in Boston / Greater Boston, transit shelter ad campaigns effectiveness “explodes” creating top of mind awareness and brand name recall.

Consumers and Commuters love transit shelter ads according to Nielsen Reports

  • 55% of Commuters noticed Bus Shelter ads in the past month
  • 58% of Consumers trust Out-of-Home Advertising 
  • 53% of Consumers say that Bus Shelter Ads gave them all of the information needed to make a purchase 

Are you looking to make a bold impact with your advertising in Boston or Greater Boston? Contact Sage Outdoor Advertising today to explore a wide range of innovative and effective outdoor advertising opportunities. Whether you’re targeting tech-savvy Millennials, the emerging GenZ market, or the broader Boston audience, we have the expertise and prime locations to bring your brand to life. Don’t miss out on the chance to captivate and engage your audience with cutting-edge Transit Shelter advertising. Reach out to us with any questions or inquiries – we’re here to help you create a memorable and impactful advertising campaign!