Best Practices for Aerial Advertising

Best practices for aerial advertising

Aerial Banner Ads: Tips and Tricks for Maximum Impact

John and Ryan were sitting on the beach on Cape Cod:

Ryan:  John, what’s that sound? 

John:  “Not sure, oh, it’s a plane towing a banner, I can’t read what it says yet can you?  

Ryan:  “No, wait, here it comes – they’re advertising a big weekend food festival and concert next month at the park downtown.  Wow, that sounds great, where’s my phone, I’ll check for tickets before they sell out”.  Four tickets purchased for the event in the next 5 minutes.

Best practices for aerial advertising

Alyssa, Ann, Michelle and Barbara are having lunch at a restaurant outside on a beautiful day.  An airplane towing an 80-foot banner flies overhead advertising a local bank with reduced mortgage rates.  The plane slowly glides by offering a tempting 5-minute view of the ad.  Ann and Michelle are both in the market for new homes and both contacted the bank within 24 hours.

These are just two examples of the simplicity & effectiveness of Aerial Banner Advertising.  It’s easy, bold, and it just plain works!

When you hear a plane you instinctively look up.  Aerial ads typically reach people while they are relaxed and in a good mood at venues like beaches, parks, concerts and community events.  The planes fly relatively low and methodically while maximizing ad campaign Impressions within a specific market.  

Best practices for aerial advertising

Consider these banner-towing statistics. Banners can reach up to…

  • 100,000 commuters on their way to work in one hour
  • 70,000 football fans
  • 100,000+ vacationers at the beach
  • 45,000+ convention attendees entering and departing their venues

Aerial Banner Ads in New England are available for reaching iconic locations such as Cape Cod Beaches, Downtown Boston & Cambridge, Copley, The North End/Faneuil Hall, Gillette Stadium, Fenway Park, TD Garden, BC, BU, Harvard, Northeastern Universities, the Public Garden, the Seaport and more.  

Aerial ads are typically mesh printed banners ranging in size from 30’ – 80’ in length and approximately 10’ in height.  The banners are hooked and towed for 3-4 hours (average) along a designated area before returning to the airport.  The Pilots are trained to fly the planes with just enough velocity to maintain the perfect position for the banner to be viewed from below.  

Best practices for aerial advertising

As the advertiser, you can pinpoint the routes the Pilots will fly and to help map out the best time of day to reach each area.  With Aerial ads, it’s not uncommon to be able to cover an entire state’s coastline (for example) in one day.  

Are you looking to make a bold impact with your advertising using Aerial Banner Ads? 
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