Out of Home Advertising in Boston – my experiences over 18 years

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We started buying all kinds of traditional (and totally unique) Out of Home Advertising Media for New England-based business owners & marketing directors many moons ago.  

It was cool back then.  

Hot Air Balloons Over Boston

Unique Beginnings: Hot Air Balloons Over Boston

We were even selling ad space on hot air balloons operating from the Boston Common and the Public Garden.  AeroBalloon offered 15-minute (tethered) rides up to the sky with thousands of people taking photos every day of the balloon, their family, friends – and the ads.  The pics had the added benefit of being carried home with them.  When the balloon was fully airborne you could see it from anywhere in Boston.

The Impact of Out of Home Ads on Audience Engagement

In the years that followed maybe they looked at that picture of their friends (and the ad) 25 times.  They could have even browsed that pic a hundred times searching for their kids or their mom up in a little basket in the sky.  They also saw the ad.  

When AeroBalloon operated in Philadelphia the Zoo’s attendance skyrocketed.

Hot Air Balloons Over Boston

The Role of Out of Home Advertising Agencies

We began to realize the serious impact that an Out of Home Advertising Agency can have for our customers.  Whatever companies devoted marketing dollars would definitely realize the benefits of out of home advertising. I’m certain that they were rewarded many times over many years. 

Boston Balloon Advertising

Out of Home Advertising: A Testament to Growth and Effectiveness

In 2006, we were beginning to understand that this out of home advertising “thing” might be really fun and rewarding for the clients we were working with.  Boston was such an awesome city to have a business like this in.  There were billboards everywhere, massive wallscapes including Tower Point (a death-defying smokestack ad in Southie), wrapped Boston & Newport Pedicabs, Stair Riser Wraps at the Pru Tower, TD Garden & Harvard Square and the incredible “WindowGain” with huge, full-motion Digital Screen Windows – with sound – around Fenway Park, Back Bay, Copley and the Theater District.  There were so many unique types of out of home advertising that we weren’t exactly sure where to begin some days.

Out of Home Advertising
Out of Home Advertising

Our esteemed mayor of Boston at that time – Tom Menino – and the Outdoor Advertising Board also allowed Spectacular Wallscapes throughout Boston covering entire brick building walls – kinda’ like many other US cities still allow now – ‘not so much’ in the Hub these days.  Believe me, it’s not a knock on our current administration, just a history review and the understanding that many of these really great out of home displays were replaced with digital billboards and digital towers and a host of other cutting-edge outdoor advertising media.  

Digital Advertising

Why Invest in Out of Home Advertising?

Now after 18 years in this crazy business, I can confidently say that “Out of Home Advertising is absolutely worth the investment”.  It just works.  Our clients keep coming back for more so I guess they like it too.  Yeah, outdoor can seem pricey up front but nearly all forms of Out of Home Media still offer the lowest CPM of all of the advertising options out there.  This includes digital, tv, radio, mail, print, etc.  Besides a few tv jingles still in my head I’m not sure that any advertising has resonated with me like the outdoor ads I’ve seen.  It makes me want to buy something ☺  

Making a Lasting Impact with Out of Home Advertising in Boston

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